Did you know that Sign language can help hearing kids learn faster and read better? Please read these articles or visit any of our links to find out how ASL can benefit  hearing kids! If you know of any web sites that you feel we should post here about the many benefits of ASL for the hearing, please email them to Aylmer Press at steve@signit2.com.

Learning to Sign Benefits All Young Children

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Teaching Infants to Use Sign Language

A New Language for Baby

Contributions the deaf culture has made to improving the reading of hearing kids.

Research That Demonstrates How Signing Can Help Hearing Children Learn to Read, by Laura Felzer, a Los Angeles City Schools Teacher who uses Sign in class.

Hearing Students, Sign Language, and Music: A Valuable Combination

The Benefits of Teaching Signing to Babies

Look Who´s Talking - with Their Hands

Lora, her sons Zeke and Sian, and Sign Language

Sign Language: The Best Second Language?

Web site of Dr. Marilyn Daniels, author of Dancing With Words: Signing for Hearing Children´s Literacy

Sign language may be defense against Alzheimer´s disease

Sign languages can improve reading and give lift to stroke patients

Pourquoi tous les enfants devraient pouvier signer