Literary Reviews:

The Los Angeles Times (9/23/99) about Sign and ABCs : From Steve Kokette, creator of the engaging "Sign Songs" video, this playful, well-produced introduction to American Sign Language is enjoyable for anyone. It teaches the alphabet, fingerspelled words and expressive signs for many words with the help of a raft of kids and two highly appealing actors who take center stage, acting out word skits to bring the lessons to life: Antoinette Abbamonte, formerly with Cleveland SignStage Theatre, and John Kinstler, a former member of the National Theatre of the Deaf.

Closing the Gap (April/May, 1999) on Sign Songs, Sign and ABCs, and Beginning Reading and Sign Language: "All three videos are fun for hearing children as well as for those who are hearing impaired".

Today's Parent (October, 1995): "Sign Songs presents 11 songs written and sung by American Ken Lonnquist and signed by John Kinstler, a former actor with the U.S. based National Theatre of the Deaf. The result is quite engaging - the songs are great and the signing by Kinstler and others adds visual appeal to the performance....While this is not an instructional video per se, it's still a fun introduction to signing for hearing children".

The Chicago Tribune (April 23, 1998) gave Sign and ABCs four stars, the most they give on reviews.

San Diego Union-Tribune (1/9/99): About Sign Songs and Sign and ABCs: "Kids can get an enjoyable introduction to Sign language with these engaging videos..." On Sign and ABCs: "It's much easier than trying to learn Sign from drawings in a book. Kids and adults will feel rewarded when they can ultimately sing and sign the alphabet with the actors at the video's conclusion". On Sign Songs: "Geared to kids 5 to 10, but fun for all ages..."

The Parent Paper (July, 1998): "Sign and ABCs breaks the myth that Sign language is only for the hearing impaired".

School Library Journal (May, 1998) on Sign and ABCs: " enjoyable video for learning the ABCs as well as for learning Sign language".

Dallas Morning News (8/28/98): "Sign and ABCs from Aylmer Press offers an excellent introduction to the ASL alphabet, with Antoinette Abbamonte and John Kinstler, both professional Sign performers".

Booklist (5/15/99) about Sign and ABCs: "...smooth integration of signed, spoken, and written expression. A fine companion to Sign Songs".

Tidewater and Peninsula Parent (July, 1999): About Sign Songs: "The songs are funny, cute, ridiculous and upbeat and the tunes are catchy enough to keep an adult interested as well as any child". On Sign and ABCs: "This video is so much fun your children won't realize it's also educational".

MetroKids (May, 1998): "Sign and ABCs is a low-key, easy way to learn basic signs and the ABCs. It introduces finger spelling as a fun game and a chance to practise letters in a new way".

The Cedar Rapids Gazette (7/17/97) on Sign Songs: "The songs are cute, fun, simple..."

Publisher's Weekly (6/15/98): "Sign and ABCs, a new interactive video, is one fun way to bridge the communication gap between the hearing and the deaf".

School Library Journal (November 1994) reviewed Sign Songs and said, "The songs are fun, and the production promotes the stated benefits of learning Sign language for hearing childern which include improved reading ability, development of motor skills, and increased ability to learn other languages."

The Parent Paper (October 1994) said "A new video, Sign Songs, makes learning Sign language easy and painless, especially for kids, who are less intimidated by the idea of learning a "foreign language" and already perceive videos as nothing but fun."

Joanne Mautone, The Big Apple Parents' Paper, on Beginning Reading and Sign Language: "My own daughter is 3 and 1/2 years old and at that age when she loves to mimic, aside from really enjoying the animals, she copied each sign as a way of participating. When I did it with her, we made it a fun game to play".

Chicago Parent (March, 1998) about Sign and ABCs: "For any child with an interest in learning ASL, this tape is ideal....The main presenters, Antoinette Abbamonte and John Kinstler, both highly expressive actors, are warm and engaging".

Jim Meunink, video producer and botany professor, concerning Beginning Reading and Sign Language: "Enjoyed watching your video. Very impressive. Happened to be two kids in the house with my daughter. The three of them watched the program and really got into it. Held their attention for a long time. You really have something here".

Children's Bookwatch (October 1994) said Sign Songs was "very stimulating" and "The duo blend of instrument playing and singing invite kids to appreciate the rhythms of signing." Also, they said Beginning Reading and Sign Language was "the clear and easy introduction for kids."

Exchange (December 1991) printed that Beginning Reading and Sign Language was entertaining and educational.

The Los Angeles Times (8/23/94) said Sign Songs was "a thoroughly engaging music-storytelling video for both hearing and hard-of-hearing children," and also said "the upbeat songs offer creative, irresistible word play for expanding vocabularies in both spoken word and Sign language."

The Long Island Parenting News (August 1998) said Sign and ABCs was "fun to copy the signs and finger spelling" and "the whole family can enjoy while reinforcing reading skills."

Fan Letters:

Dear Aylmer Press,
Please send me the three Sign videos; Sign Songs - John Kinstler, Sign and ABCs - John Kinstler and Antoinette Abbamonte, Beginning Reading and Sign Language. I have enclosed a check for $55.00 for all three videos... Thanks for making such awesome Sign videos.
- A letter from Kansas

Aylmer Press,
I have already purchased your 3 sign videos and my daughter loves them. I am writing you because I would like information on how to buy the 3 Ken Lonnquist albums that he mentions in the beginning of "Sign Songs". Thank you. My daughter loves his music and so do I.
- A letter from New York

Dear people,
My son is hearing but he sure loves your videos - he signs and speaks at the same time!
- A letter from New Mexico

I have had the chance to watch some videos that were ordered from you and really enjoyed them. I am a deaf interpreter here in Nebraska, and am always looking for materials. I would love to get a catalog from you with the hopes that you'll have many things available on Signing, and etc.
- A letter from Nebraska

Dear Aylmer Press,
Please send information on your videos, Sign Songs and Beginning Reading and Sign Language. My children are getting tired of checking it out of the library and want to be able to watch it on demand. I would appreciate info on any other sign language videos you have available.
- A letter from Florida

To whom it may concern,
I viewed your Beginning Reading and Sign Language video and was very impressed, it's so much easier to learn sign from video than printed pictures. I work with elementary children in public schools...
- A letter from Oregon, 3/23/93

We only just "discovered" Beginning Reading and Sign Language at our county library. Although my children are 7, 10, and 13 we all enjoyed it and learned a lot. I have had an intro to ASL, so they had something to build on. It's a wonderful tape - so easy to learn from... Thank you - we intend on reviewing this a lot.
- A letter from Maryland, 9/17/92

Dear Aylmer Press,
Our family has checked out your video Sign Songs, with Ken Lonnquist, from our local public library a number of times, and my children (especially the 3 year old, the youngest!) love "John" (as they call it)... None of us is deaf, but I know - and teach my children - some Sign Language, and it is nice for them to have another source to learn from. Thank you!
- A letter from Nebraska

Aylmer Press,
I am writing to let you know my 6 grand kids all enjoyed "Beginning Reading and Sign Language". The kids are age's 3-7-8-10-17- and 19... They and myself all enjoyed learning from it. It's a great video. Hope you do more! Thank you!
- A letter from Ohio, 9/17/91

To Whom It May Concern,
I'd like to order some of your videos and if possible CDs. My six children really enjoy the tape Sign Songs, and of course so do I. I'm learning sign myself, along with three of my children. One daughter wears two hearing aids, so it helps. Thank you.
- A letter from Hawaii

Dear Aylmer Press,
My daughter loves your videotape "Beginning Reading and Sign Language". Please let me know how I can obtain your next videotape.
- An R.N. from Florida, 1/20/92

Dear Mr. Kokette,
...I am so excited about teaching sign language to my son and learning with him as well. I appreciate everything you sent me. Now I'm even more confident that what I thought was a good idea (learning sign) is a good idea. There are so many things available to occupy children and so few that I have come across have lasting and substantial value. I'm so glad Aylmer Press exists!... Thanks you, thank you for such a great contribution to children.
- A letter from Texas

To whom it may concern,
My daughter began watching Sign Songs and Beginning Reading and Sign Language when she was just two years old and immediately fell in love with both videos. Not only are they entertaining and hold her interest, but they challenge her mind and educate as well. She has learned to sign many words from Beginning Reading and Sign Language. It's a delight for both of us to sit together and sign right along with this video as we learn. Similarly, the stories from Sign Songs are fun and amusing and we love to sing the songs. It's terribly satisfying as a parent to find videos like these that are uplifting, fun and yet stimulate my child's mind. She has been watching these videos for almost two years now and still shows as much interest as the very first day. One can be sure that my newborn will eventually be shown Sign Songs and Beginning Reading and Sign Language as well, and I feel confident she will also become a big fan.
- A letter from Illinois, 12/1/95

Dear Aylmer Press,
I wanted to let you know how much my four year old niece loved your tape (Beginng Reading and Sign Language). I was told she doesn't go visiting without her tape and she is picking up and using signs from the tape. Thank you for making such a wonderful tape.
- A letter from Wisconsin, 6/13/91

To Whom It May Concern,
We have borrowed a video from our local library put out by Aylmer Press on sign language. It is called Sign and ABCs. We are very impressed by the quality of this video featuring Antoinette Abbamonte and John Kinstler and I would like to purchase a copy. Would you please send me the information and cost (I live in Canada) and if you have other similar videos, I would be extremely grateful...
- A letter from Alberta, 6/9/00

I recently borrowed one of your Sign Songs videotapes from my public library. It is very cute and well done. My five year old daughter loves them as does my eight year old hearing daughter. How can I purchase these?
- A letter from California

Dear Aylmer Press,
We have two of your sign tapes. We think they are great. We have no hearing impaired in our family but stay open minded about all sorts of special people. Please let us know if you have produced more videos...
- A letter from Iowa, 7/31/96

Dear Sirs,
I enjoy the Sign Songs video for my daycare. Would you send me a catalog of the other tapes.
- A letter from Connecticut, 9/11/96

To Aylmer Press,
I was very impressed with your video Sign and ABCs... My neighbor happened to find this sole copy of Sign and ABCs. I would like to order three more videotapes of Sign and ABCs, as well as ordering Sign Songs and Beginning Reading and Sign Language. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
- A letter from Maryland, 8/30/99

I have received the tape Sign Songs. It is a masterpiece. ...So, this is what family fun is all about and you are to be congratulated for your efforts to keep families together through your tape and songbook.
- A letter from Texas, 6/30/94

This is to put in an order for one of your video cassettes of Sign and ABCs with Antoinette Abbamonte and John Kinstler. Kindly let me know the price for the above mentioned video cassette...
- A letter from Virginia, 6/26/00

Dear Sirs,
Your video Sign Songs is just great! Please send me any information you have on videos, songbooks, etc.
- A letter from North Carolina, 3/17/97

Dear Sirs,
Recently I borrowed Sign and ABCs from my library. My three year old enjoyed it so much I would like to purchase a copy from you. I am also interested in any other videos you might offer...
- A letter from Washington, 7/29/00

My wife Nancy is a 47 year old who just experienced going deaf completely in both ears... We got ahold of one of your tapes - Beginning Reading and Sign Language... We found this tape quite interesting, and was wondering if you could send us a list of different tapes that you have... We would appreciate anything that you could send us, as this is quite hard learning out of a book.
- A letter from Indiana, 4/12/94

To whom it may concern,
I just borrowed the video Sign Songs from the library. Wow, what a nice piece of work. Please send me info on purchasing the video along with the other items available.
- A letter from Wisconsin

To Ken Lonnquist or whom it may concern:
Hi! Me, my son and husband love your tape Sign Songs. We have been watching it for 3 and 1/2 years now... ...Keep up the great work. It makes me so happy to know that there are wonderful people out there like you and your partner (who signs) helping to make the world brighter.
- A letter from Colorado, 7/14/99